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The Climate Institute is currently showcasing the work of critically acclaimed photographer, Michael Hall, in an extraordinary exhibition titled The Story of Our Planet Unfolds, at Customs House in Sydney until 5 September. The exhibition features a body of work that illustrates human impacts and responses from around the world to the challenge of climate change.

Two years ago, the Climate Institute awarded critically acclaimed photographer Michael Hall its first Creative Fellowship to assist him on his long-term project to document human civilisation's response to one of our greatest challenges. The exhibit showcases his work putting a human face to the risks and opportunities of climate change. The Nelson Meers Foundation, together with Michael and Silvia Kantor, is delighted to be supporting the Fellowship.

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Photograph by Michael Hall


ILLUMINATE: A community driven multi media exhibition by Euraba Artists and Papermakers and Beyond Empathy.

Illuminate is a community driven initiative, capturing the aspirations of the Goomeroi people in the communities of Toomelah and Boggabilla, in northwest NSW.

"We want some good to come out of it, we want our younger generation to come in and be a part of what we are doing, learn their culture and learn who they are so they can go out and be proud and strong people." Aunty May Hinch, founding artist, Euraba Artists and Papermakers.

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May Hinch, Lola Binge, Leonie Binge, Donald Cubby, Paul Mackie, Matthew Priestley, Jonathan Jones. Illuminate 2013. Courtesy Euraba Artists and Papermakers. Photograph by Kate Ford.
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There is significant evidence that participation in cultural experiences exerts considerable influence on audience behaviours, ranging from building understanding within and between social groups, to inspiring people to act in meaningful ways to change their own and others lives. Yet little work has been done on developing a specific measurement framework that can be used to identify the contribution that participation in cultural experiences and associated audience engagement campaigns make to public debate, education, changed behaviours, social change and policy reform.

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