Documentary Australia Foundation
Tokujin Yoshioka: Waterfall.  Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, 2011. Photo: Paul Green.
Our Priorities
Our Priorities
Our Priorities

Our Priorities


In addition to our funding program, we are also engaged in the following research with a view to addressing need in these priority areas:

  • The importance of measurement in the cultural sector, particularly taking into account the many intangible benefits the sector delivers;
  • The need for greater access to cultural development space - both physical and virtual - in order to encourage inter-disciplinary communication, exchange and collaboration, both within and outside of the cultural sector;
  • The need to create connections with new audiences.

Genesis Network

We believe in the importance of measuring the impact of our work. One way of doing this is by keeping all the organisations with whom we work within our orbit. For this reason, we are establishing a database to track the progress of all the project partners we have supported over the past 15 years and the individuals who have worked within these programs.

Gender Inclusion and Equity

The Nelson Meers Foundation is committed to gender inclusion and equity. Because policies and programs affect women and men differently, we will give preference to applications that demonstrate gender inclusion and equity, so that we maximise the impact of our philanthropic investment.

Community Engagement

Stay tuned for the launch of NMF's Vox Pops - a series of conversations about why art matters.

And a word on Sustainability...

The Nelson Meers Foundation believes that the cultural sector can make an important contribution to global sustainability both through its practices and through the creative insight and vision that cultural interpretation can lend to this critical social issue.

We make every effort to minimise our carbon footprint and ask that you consider this in your communications with us.