Bystander Project, Performance Space

Bystander was an interactive video installation, part of Ross Gibson and Kate Richards’ Life After Wartime suite based on historic Sydney scene-of-crime images and Ross Gibson’s haunting text.

Within the walls of a seven-metre-wide pentagonal room comprised of five projection screens, a spirit-world was generated in response to the audience’s presence, creating a variable, volatile environment of audiovisual narratives.

Underwritten by surround-sound music composed by Greg White, Bystander was a performative story-generator, channelled through Sydney’s past. The result was a compelling, sensual and kinaesthetic witnessing of our city’s myriad stories.

  • 7 NMF THEN Bystander Project 1
  • 8 NMF THEN Bystander Project 2
Performance Space [Bystander Project]