Experimenta Playground Exhibition [Performance Space]
  • 9 NMF THEN Experimenta Playground 1
  • 10 NMF THEN Experimenta Playground 2

Experimenta Playground Exhibition, Performance Space

Experimenta Media Arts is Australia’s leading contemporary arts organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and promoting media art.

Experimenta Playground was its digital media playground of interactive artworks, video installations, short films and extreme art on screen by over 30 Australian and international artists. Through the language of play, the artists asked the gallery visitors to stop and think about complex issues and profound experiences in enjoyable, often surprising and unforgettable ways.

In 2008, the Nelson Meers Foundation supported Experimenta Playground’s first landmark exhibition in Sydney. The exhibition showcased innovative media art forms, providing a viewing context that is fun, accessible and allows audiences to engage with the artwork on a physical and emotional level.