Legs on the Wall [Samulnori]
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Legs on the Wall
The Tale of Samulnori

Legs On The Wall is an internationally renowned physical theatre company based in Sydney. The Tale of Samulnori was an Australian-Korean co-production in 2013 that explored contemporary questions about our relationship to the changing environment and the challenges we face. It was a simple Korean tale of hard work and imagination overcoming the forces of darkness, told through a potent combination of traditional and contemporary acrobatics, video imagery and live music. At its heart, The Tale of Samulnori is a joyous celebration of the energy that is created when two cultures work together to produce something new. Through passionate music, powerful images and virtuosic acrobatics, it presents a spirit of adventure and inventiveness that offers family audiences a fresh way to experience stories in the theatre.

Why did we fund this project? Legs on the Wall is one of Australia's leading performing arts companies. Not only did The Tale of Samulnori showcase the remarkable talents of the Legs team, it contributed to developing stronger cultural links within the Asian region. The project also appealed to us because it utilised art to sensitively articulate the challenges of caring for our global environment.

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