State Library of NSW: Mitchell Research Library Restoration
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State Library of NSW
Refurbishment of Mitchell Research Library

The Mitchell Library grew from the collection of David Scott Mitchell, Australia's greatest collector of Australian culture, who bequeathed his personal collection to the State Library of NSW in 1906. To mark its 25th anniversary in 2014, the State Library of NSW Foundation continues the important process of revitalising the State Library of NSW so that its wonderful buildings and collections can be used and enjoyed for generations to come. The State Library of NSW is now one of the great libraries of the world. The refurbishment of the ground floor spaces in the Mitchell Wing of the State Library includes a new gallery space, the Friends room and the Volunteer room.

The David Scott Mitchell Research Library was re-established as a dedicated place for research and scholarship. It was transformed to address the changing needs of the public and meet the necessities of today's educational expectations of scholars, students, visitors, friends and volunteers. The Library now delivers enriched facilities by providing dedicated specialist education areas and new galleries to interpret and share more of the Library's world-class collections and expertise.

Why did we fund this project? The State Library of NSW is the premier library for the people of NSW. Its peers are the world's great libraries, those that tell of the development of our societies and the unfolding stories of humanity. The Library's extraordinary and diverse collections document the heritage of Australia and Oceania and are one of the State's most valuable assets. By building, preserving and delivering its collections, including today's born digital materials, the Library enables Australians to interrogate our past and imagine our future.