The Red Room Company [Poetry in First Languages]
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Red Room Poetry
Language Dancing - Poetry in First Languages

Since 2003 Red Room Poetry has grown to be Australia's leading organisation for the creation and commissioning of new poetry by established and emerging poets as well as students. Reflecting the diversity of Australian voices, they embrace all styles of poetry (page, performance, hip-hop, rap, visual) promoting the form across a range of languages and mediums including radio, stage, installation, digital publishing initiatives and learning programs.

Red Room's Poetry in First Languages commissions, publishes and delivers First Nations-led student poetry programs on Country and/or in First Nations community-led locations. Celebrating culture through poetry, music, dance and art, PIFL aims to support students to find strength in their cultural identities through language learning and connecting to Country, Culture and Community with the intention of enhancing overall wellbeing and knowledge.

Why did we fund this project? Red Room Poetry's vision for this project was inspiring. Using language to help young people gain connectiveness to country, it is a beautiful and evocative way to empower these young women to not only tell their own stories, but to have pride in their culture.

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