Centennial Park [Sydney Labyrinth]
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Sydney Labyrinth
A Spiritual Path for Centennial Park

We are delighted to have supported the construction of a labyrinth in Sydney’s beautiful and iconic Centennial Park. A labyrinth is a simple contemplative pathway used for walking meditation. The Sydney Labyrinth is a definitive example in Australia; aesthetically, it is a significant work of public art.  The Labyrinth is a sandstone replica of the most famous labyrinth in the world, built in the Chartres Cathedral in early 13th century which was designed according to the principles of sacred geometry wherein every measurement and ratio is in proportion to each other. This generates the sense of harmony we feel when we look at and experience walking the labyrinth.

The Sydney Labyrinth has been constructed using the highest quality, heritage grade Wonderbyne sandstone, ensuring quality, density and durability. 

Click here to review the location of the Sydney Labyrinth.

Why did we fund this project?  In our frenetic modern day existence, opportunities for contemplation are rare.  The Sydney Labyrinth is an example of interactive public art adding to the quality of our daily lives. We were particularly interested in the way in which the use of the ancient practice of labyrinth walking, and the environment of the Park, engage with and add to the experience of the aesthetic dimensions of the Labyrinth.

The Centennial Park Labyrinth was officially opened in September 2014.

Regular facilitated group labyrinth walks are held at the Centennial Park Labyrinth at 9.30am on the first Sunday of every month. Click here for more information.